Jerry’s Place is a Social Model Hospice Home located in Mariposa Assisted Living in Seaside, California. We offer a comfortable home-like environment for individuals enrolled in a hospice program to live out their final days, specifically when they do not have a safe and stable living situation or caregiver. We are the only facility in Monterey county offering these services.

Jerry’s Place is an initiative of the Jerry Rubin Foundation and is supported  by a grant received from the Hospice Giving Foundation.

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We are a group of individuals from a variety of professions who have come together to build and operationalize Jerry’s Place, a social model hospice home. We are doctors, nurses, volunteers, administrators, pharmacists, coordinators, chaplains, and educators. We all have one thing in common: to provide a quality end of life experience for those who may not otherwise have the resources or ability to live their final days in peace and comfort. This is our mission, this is our PASSION.

Jerry Rubin Foundation
Monterey, CA 93940

Jerry’s Place
Mariposa Assisted Living
1201 LaSalle Avenue
Seaside, CA 93955

Our Team

Marisol Diaz, Volunteer Coordinator
Contact Marisol to Volunteer, donate to our wish list, or ask questions.

Connie Riley, Program Coordinator
Contact Connie to refer patients to Jerry’s Place, donate to our wish list, or ask questions.


Jerry's Place Wish List

In order to provide the most comfortable space for our residents, we need your help. Here are the items that we currently need for Jerry’s Place:
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Jerry Rubin Foundation
5 Harris Court, Building T, Suite 201
Monterey, CA 93940

Valeria M Wareham, Executive Director